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Modern pipeline research

Companies conducting construction work will receive information about our network via the online portal BIL


Fiber optic cables are not only efficient but also sensitive. Normally they are situated securely in the ground, where construction machines pose the only danger. Therefore, it is important that the precise position of the fiber optic cables is known when civil engineering works are carried out.


Companies conducting construction work can obtain the corresponding information via BIL – Bundesweite Informationssystem zur Leitungsrecherche (Nationwide Information System for Pipeline Research). This online portal is backed by companies from the energy and chemistry sector as well as specialised associations.


BIL enables extensive research regarding glass fiber cables and other pipelines. In addition, it checks for the inquiring person which company is responsible. Then the portal sends the inquiries directly to the responsible operator of the pipelines, in the case of WINGAS they are sent to GASCADE Gastransport GmbH.


The work processes are entirely digital, which saves time and money for both sides.